Conserved Land

The LaPlatte Headwaters Conservation Project on Bissonette Farm
The LaPlatte Headwaters Project on the Bissonette Farm is nearly complete and has resulted in the creation of a New Town Forest. A committee is currently at work drafting a management plan for this land for both public and Select Board review. During this process, a new name will be selected. Please contact a Land Trust Board member or visit the New Town Forest page for more information.

The Lincoln Hill Project
In 2001, the Hinesburg Land Trust acquired 144 acres on Lincoln Hill adjacent to the stated owned: 1150 acres of the Fred Johnson Wildlife Management Area (FJWMA.) With the 850 acres of the Hinesburg Town Forest. Nearby HLT sought to protect the wildlife corridor between these publicly held parcels and insure that habitat is not further fragmented by development. A VAST trail on this property also ensures that this network of snowmobile trails can continue to function. The parcel has now been turned over to the VTDFW.

The Gillespie and Copp-Welch I and II properties
The Gillespie property is 37 acres of peaceful, wooded land, with hiking and skiing trails and also a tucked-away pond loaded with bullfrogs in the summer. Together with the adjoining state-owned Copp-Welch I and II properties there are over 150 acres, with trails through mixed hardwood forests, open meadows and spectacular rocky cliffs. These properties were acquired by the HLT with the assistance of local residents and partner conservation groups. These trails and the wonderful walking along Gilman Road, Lewis Creek Road and Turkey Lane offer recreational opportunities year-round. Click here for a trail map; you may also obtain maps from the Recreation office at Town Hall.

The Isham Farm Project
Keeping agriculture as a part of our heritage is crucial, and recent efforts ensure that farming will continue to be a part of the landscape and economy of Hinesburg. In 2003, the HLT working with the Vermont Land Trust, facilitated the preservation of prime agricultural land in southern Hinesburg that allowed a young farm family to continue to operate the 100 year-old farm. Mountain’s Edge Farm, owned by Sean and Jennifer Lang, is now run with the help of former farm owners, Jean and Rod Isham.

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